DRIVER (CASH IN TRANSIT):G4S/TP/2475390/223105

Cash in Transit in Louis tricharrd is looking for 6(six) candidates to work as drivers for G4S South Africa, This is a permanent and full time Job. All interested individuals should make their applications before the end of April 2023.

Driver Possibilities

Driver possibilities are available at our location in Louis Trichardt, and G4S Cash systems (SA), a top provider of integrated cash management systems, invites any interested parties to register their information.


To engage in the guarding and handling of all valuables in transit between various areas and drive a vehicle in the performance of all duties

Maintain vehicle standards and comply with company equipment and vehicle procedures

  • Receive and sign for all equipment and check that all is in working order
  • Conduct vehicle audit and complete checklist
  • Responsible and accountable for all technology and equipment used in the vehicle
  • Inspects vehicle on completion of duty

Drive vehicle responsibly and recording of accident and incidents

  • Drive in a responsible manner and obey all traffic regulations
  • Report of all incidents to the branch and relevant authorities
  • Comply with vehicle operating instructions

Perform control function of scheduled trips

  • Perform standard checks prior to departing from the branch
  • Report to control immediately when the vehicle becomes immobilized or likely to become immobilized
  • Comply with instructions to ensure that company codes are adhered to and precautions are taken to protect crew and load
  • Carry out operational security drills and maintain security awareness and vigilance
  • Take preventative action if any suspicious activity is noticed

Health and Safety

  • Participate in safety forums
  • Report all safety incidents
  • Attend safety education and refresher programmes
  • Comply with ALL safety policies and procedures in the workplace
  • Wear protective clothing at ALL times


  • Grade 11/12
  • Valid PSIRA (Grade C) Certification
  • Valid PDP License
  • CIT Certificate
  • Valid Handgun Firearm Competency for Business Purposes
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a high risk, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to assess risk and act swiftly
  • Working as part of a team
  • Adherence to policies and procedures

About The Company

The top global provider of security solutions, G4S specializes in outsourcing company operations in industries where security and safety risks are viewed as a strategic threat. The largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange, G4S also has a secondary listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. One of the largest private employers in the world, G4S has operations in more than 90 countries and more than 540,000 workers.

Our goal at G4S South Africa is to be known as a pioneer in the provision of security solutions. In order to execute our business strategy, we consequently aim to develop and maintain a motivated, competent workforce that is pleased to work for our area and capable of doing so. In order to fully engage our workers, we continue to improve upon the strong people management processes already in place across the Group.

The organization G4S is characterized by its values, which include:

We do our business with integrity and respect. Our relationships and commercial dealings are based on openness, honesty, and trust. We follow through on our commitments and always try to act morally. We do hear. We show the utmost respect to people who work with us, purchase from us, and are under our care.
We are passionate about working safely and take great care to keep our coworkers and clients safe. We are also passionate about security and service excellence. We employ our expertise in security to safeguard the assets of our clients. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and keep our commitments.

We accomplish this through innovation and teamwork – we spend money on technology and best practices to keep our goods and services up to par. We push ourselves to think of fresh solutions to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. To guarantee we get the best results for our clients and our business, we collaborate as a team and value each person’s input.

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