Hospital General Jobs: FOOD SERVICES AID

Swartland Hospital(Malmesbury) Is looking for General workers to do Food Service Aid, a basic salary of R7 561.75 will be given to the successful candidates. If you have any inquiries about the Job Advertisement please contact Ms. A van Breda Tel No: 022) 487-9200. All applications sent after the deadline will not be considered


Basic reading and writing skills are needed. Experience: Adequate cleaning and waste management experience in a medical setting. Powerful cleaning and domestic tools, as well as the capacity to conduct the demanding physical activity, are requirements of the profession. In excellent physical shape, competent to lift objects and use cleaning products. On weekends and holidays, offer a shift service, covering both day and night shifts as necessary. Rotate between many departments as necessary to meet operational demands. prepared for both formal and informal instruction.

Among the abilities (knowledge/skills) needed are a thorough understanding of standard cleaning practices, terminal cleaning, and operating cleaning equipment. the capacity to communicate clearly in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. knowledge of infection control and occupational health and safety. having effective communication skills with the general public as well as the other members of the multidisciplinary team.


Cleaning responsibilities include sweeping, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, and polishing, deep cleaning of restrooms, handling of garbage, and upkeep of general cleanliness and hygienic conditions in the region. Provide support to the supervisor with general housekeeping tasks such as maintenance of cleaning and home equipment, care and control of linen, patient meal serving, and waste management. Execute terminal cleaning in isolated areas, ICU, etc. Make sure to clean and securely store cleaning tools after each use. Use cleaning products and supplies wisely, and practice simple stock control. Participate in in-service education relevant to service delivery.


Basic writing and reading abilities are required. Experience: Sufficient background in a commercial food service setting. The ability to work shifts, including on weekends and public holidays, is a necessary qualification for the position. Must be in the good physical condition and strong enough to lift heavy goods and stand all day. Dress appropriately for your department and follow hospital policy. Read recipes, use a scale, and perform simple math. Competencies: Understanding of normal and therapeutic diet manufacturing in an industrial food service unit.

ability to correctly interpret production planning and standard recipes. understanding of safety, HACCP, occupational health, and hygiene principles. ability to use industrial equipment correctly and safely. The ability to operate independently and under pressure is necessary. Ability to successfully converse (both verbally and in writing) in at least two of the Western Cape’s three official languages.


Manufacture and pre-preparation of all conventional and therapeutic diets. Patient food and drinks are weighed, distributed, and served. support the food service unit’s receiving and storing of all supplies and stock. In the food service unit, adhere to proper hygiene and safety regulations. Follow and abide by basic control methods and operational standards. cleaning of all workspaces, storage spaces, furnishings, and tools. assist with new hires’ informal in-service training.



APPLICATIONS : The Manager: Medical Services Swartland Hospital, Private Bag X2, Malmesbury, 7300 FOR ATTENTION : Ms A Groenewald.


APPLICATIONS : The Chief Executive Officer: Khayelitsha District Hospital, Private Bag X5, Khayelitsha, 7784. FOR ATTENTION :Mr J Minnies

NOTE : It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a
date, time and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess
personnel will receive preference.


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