Government Vacancies: Personal Assistants are needed at Bloemfontein (EPWP, Works, and Immovable Asset Management), Interested Candidates should make an application ASAP. If you have any inquiries about the Job advertisement reach out to Mr. S Diakos Tel No: 051-492 3811


Implement administrative procedures to guarantee the effective operation of the Deputy Director General’s office. utilizing office tools like photocopiers. Manage the purchase of common products like stationery. Create and keep up a searchable, user-friendly filing system. Organize the Deputy Director General’s appointments and calendar. Ensure the smooth transfer of data and documents to and from the Deputy Director General’s office. Compile and provide appropriate stakeholders all correspondence and confidential materials.

Record meeting minutes and follow up on decisions. examines and keeps track of routine reports and submissions. Respond to questions from internal and external stakeholders as well as preserve a record of any documents, memoranda, etc. that the Deputy Director General handles. Ensure that all office records are stored securely and in accordance with the archive legislation. Take care of the Deputy Director General’s travel plans and help him with his personal affairs so that he may focus on his work. Establish and maintain methods in the office that will help to increase productivity. Create and maintain the office budget to guarantee the effective and efficient use of resources.


a three-year National Diploma/Degree in the relevant field, or a comparable certificate that is three years long plus administrative experience Understanding and use of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. demonstrated aptitude for using information and abilities. 3 years of experience working in a clerical or administrative setting computer proficiency. Language proficiency and the capacity to interact effectively with individuals of various educational levels and cultural backgrounds a capacity for tact and discretion. Ability to recognize, handle, and maintain the confidentiality of confidential information. a capacity for pressure-free work. talents in time management. willingness to put in erratic hours. A current driver’s license will be helpful.


Guidelines for applicants Applications must be made using the new Z83 application form, which is required for submission and is available at any Public Service Department or online at The Z83 needs to be filled out in a way that enables the selection committee to evaluate the application using the data on the form. On application, applicants are not required to produce copies of their credentials or other pertinent documents, but they must present the Z83 and a thorough Curriculum Vitae.

Therefore, after communication, only those who have been shortlisted for a position will be needed to produce certified copies of their documents on or before the interview day. The candidate shall be promptly disqualified and removed from the shortlist if the information on the certified copies conflicts with that on the CV or Z83 form. The South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) must provide an evaluation certificate with any international credentials an applicant may have (only when shortlisted). Applications won’t be taken into consideration if the required documents aren’t submitted. In their applications, candidates must include the vacancy’s reference number. If a candidate wants to apply for more than one position, they must submit individual applications with the required supporting materials for each position. Applications received after the deadline and those that do not adhere to these guidelines won’t be taken into consideration. Candidates who have questions about the posted position should contact the person listed as the appropriate contact in the advertisement.

On the day of the interview, the short-listed candidates will go through a security evaluation. Personnel suitability checks, which may include, among other things, criminal record checks, citizenship verification, financial/asset record checks, qualification/study verification, and previous employment verification, shall be conducted on qualified individuals as judged necessary. Please consider that your application was unsuccessful if you have not heard from us within four months of the advertisement’s closing date. Applications that are late or faxed will not be accepted.


APPLICATIONS : Applications for the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure are to be submitted to the Head: of Public Works and Infrastructure, Human Resources Management Directorate. P.O Box 7551, Bloemfontein 9300, or Applications that are hand delivered must be brought to the Foyer of Tambo House where they must be placed in the appropriately marked box at Security Ground Floor, OR Tambo House, St. Andrews Street, Bloemfontein. No applications will be accepted by staff in offices in the building.