G4S CASH SOUTH AFRICA is Seeking for a Branch Administrator to work full-time and permanently, The closing date for this job Opportunity is the 24th of November 2022. With respect to the seniority of the position and in accordance with the company’s remuneration policy and practice, compensation and benefits will be provided.


A Branch Administrator position is open at G4S Cash Solutions in Mthatha.
The Branch Administrator, who answers to the Branch Manager, is in charge of making sure that the administration support process is administered and completed in accordance with business policies and procedures in a timely manner.
The successful candidate is a self-starter with a track record of adhering to company policy, maintaining best practices, and exercising sound judgment in pursuit of the accomplishment of organizational goals. They also comprehend the importance of assistance within a productive business unit. The incumbent will be expected to live up to the organization’s principles and be results-driven.


  • Creating and promptly submitting the branch’s yearly budget and quarterly forecast for ROD and Business Analyst approval while adhering to the established budgeting concepts and guidelines
  • Maintaining spending within permitted amounts by observing financial control procedures
  • a description of the branch’s accounts receivable function, which implements efficient credit management techniques to maximize cash flow.
  • Make sure that all of the expected revenue is generated.
  • Obtain authorization for and record supplier invoices on SAP for Accounts Payable payment.
  • Correct monthly projections are prepared and promptly submitted, allowing for the quick deployment of preventative steps to avoid undesirable consequences.
  • Analysis and evaluation of monthly accounts, comparison of actual performance to plan, highlighting trends and discrepancies, and precise management information delivery to the Regional Operations Director are all included.
  • Prepare the MMR, balance sheets, activity schedules, and consumable stock monthly reconciliations.
  • Watch over and oversee the timely and accurate processing of accounting transactions on the G4S SAP system while keeping accurate records and source documentation handy.
  • Compile and, if necessary, review regional balance sheet reconciliations (*a task typically performed by the business analyst).


The top global provider of security solutions, G4S specializes in outsourcing company operations in industries where security and safety risks are viewed as a strategic threat. The largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange, G4S also has a secondary listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. G4S employs 657,000 people and operates in more than 125 countries.

G4S has operations in over 25 African nations and employs over 105 000 people there. Our goal at G4S South Africa is to be known as a pioneer in the provision of security solutions. In order to execute our business strategy, we consequently aim to develop and maintain a motivated, competent workforce that is pleased to work for our area and capable of doing so. In order to fully engage our workers, we continue to improve upon the strong people management processes already in place across the Group.

  • Transparency, honesty, and integrity serve as the cornerstones of both our business dealings and interpersonal connections. We keep our word and make an effort to always behave morally. We are aware. We treat everyone we deal with, buy from, and have in our care with the utmost respect.
  • We are passionate about working safely and taking great care to keep the safety of our coworkers and clients. We are also passionate about security and service excellence. We employ our expertise in security to safeguard the assets of our clients. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and keep our commitments.
  • We accomplish this through innovation and teamwork. To continuously improve the goods and services we provide, we invest in technology and best practices. We push ourselves to come up with fresh strategies for assisting our clients in reaching their objectives. To ensure we provide the best results for our clients and our business, we collaborate as a team while appreciating the contributions of each individual.

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