Cash In Transit Drivers opportunity with G4S Cash Systems (SA)

All interested individuals are asked to enter their information for a Cash In Transit Drivers opportunity with G4S Cash Systems (SA), a top provider of comprehensive cash management solutions, with offices in Pretoria and Boksburg.
The CIT Driver, who reports to the CIT Manager, is in charge of protecting and handling money, valuables, securities, and negotiable papers when they are being transported between different locations. He may use a vehicle to carry out some or all of his duties.
The successful candidate is a self-starter with a track record of upholding company policy and implementing best practices. They can also exercise sound judgment in the pursuit of achieving the organization’s goals and comprehend the function that operations management plays within a fruitful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to live up to the organization’s principles and to be results-driven.


  • Receives and signs for all equipment (Firearm, holster, lanyard, ammunition, identity card and vehicle keys) from Armory and returns all equipment at the end of the day
  • Check that all equipment is in an effective working order
  • Comply with procedures on Company uniform and protective equipment.
  • Conduct vehicle audit with vehicle check-list before commencement of duty
  • Report minor defects to artisan and report major defects to TSO before commencement of duty and record and maintain a vehicle log book for action.
  • Re-fuel vehicle at the commencement of duty to ensure that its ready for the next shift
  • Responsible and accountable for all technology and and equipment used in the vehicle
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicle(washed daily)
  • Inspects vehicle on completion of duty to ensure that there are no boxes/ Stoploss Bags or other items left behind in the vehicle inadvertently
  • Check for unauthorized persons or property to be carried on the vehicle

Drive vehicles responsibly and recording of accidents and incidents

  • Obtain scheduled route trip from the planner, no deviation allowed from planned route
  • Drive in a responsible manner in order to portray a professional attitude and to obey safety rules and regulations
  • Responsible and accountable for ensuring PDP license is valid and current
  • Obey all traffic regulations
  • Report all traffic incidents to the BSO
  • Behave in a courteous manner towards any member of the public involved in the accident or incident to maintain a good company image. Do not make any admission of guilt, admin negligence or make any promise to have repairs done.
  • Report in writing all relevant details pertaining to the accident in the branch
  • Report all accidents to SAP and or traffic department
  • Comply with vehicle operating instructions to ensure that no other persons not in possession of necessary driver qualification is allowed to drive the company vehicle
  • Operate a radio in a vehicle


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Code 10 driver’s licence
  • Grade 12
  • CIT Certificate
  • Grade C PSIRA
  • Firearm Competency (business purposes)
  • PDP Licence

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

  • knowledge of G4S policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of concepts, theories and principles of Safety, Health, Risk, quality and environment
  • Knowledge of legislation, regulations codes and by-laws in transportation
  • Knowledge of G4S business ethics policy
  • Prepare vehicle for transportation
  • Operate a vehicle for transportation
  • Complete vehicle inspection and accident /incident reports
  • Economic driving skills
  • Technical skills on vehicle
  • Operate technology on vehicles
  • Delivering objectives
  • Supporting and working with others
  • Acting professionally
  • Delivering great customer service

About The Company

The top global provider of security solutions, G4S specializes in outsourcing company operations in industries where security and safety risks are viewed as a strategic threat. The largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange, G4S also has a secondary listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. G4S employs 657,000 people and operates in more than 125 countries.
G4S has operations in over 25 African nations and employs over 105 000 people there. Our goal at G4S South Africa is to be known as a pioneer in the provision of security solutions. In order to execute our business strategy, we consequently aim to develop and maintain a motivated, competent workforce that is pleased to work for our area and capable of doing so. In order to fully engage our workers, we continue to improve upon the strong people management processes already in place across the Group.


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Note that all applications should be sent on or before 31 October 2022, Any application submitted prior to the aforementioned date will not be considered