Mthatha Regional Hospital is Looking for 24 Laundry workers, If you are interested in this general job you are advised to apply before the deadline, The salary ranges from R104 073 to R122 592 Yearly. If you have any questions or inquiries about this job advertisement do not hesitate to contact Ms Mkhosi on Tel No: 047 502 4143/4008


With no experience, ABET level 4 or NQF level 1 to 3 is required. An understanding of how a laundry room is set up. Possesses excellent communication skills and can perform a variety of shifts, including the night shift. You should be able to rotate portions of the laundry. Sincere and dependable Possess physical strength and the ability to cope with the position’s physical demands. Ability to work in a group or on your own.


Laundry services are provided by: Maintain a safe and clean workplace in accordance with health and safety regulations. Collect linen from the appropriate depots. Keep a detailed record of the linen that is collected and returned to the appropriate units. When preparing and disinfecting linen for a wash, follow the fundamental procedural requirements. For washed and cleaned linen, follow the fundamental procedure requirements. Inspect, repair, and mark laundry to keep it in good condition. Ability to operate a variety of laundry machines (i.e., washing, dryer ironing, and pressers). Laundered things should be ironed, folded, counted, and packed, and linen bags should be sealed. Clients’ linen is collected and delivered. Sort, count, and keep track of soiled laundry. As directed by the supervisor, do all laundry tasks. Any machine defaults should be reported to the supervisor. Maintain laundry machines and equipment: Keep an eye on the temperature of the equipment. Maintain the condition of your laundry equipment. Please report any flaws. Check the equipment and make a service request.


Applications must be submitted on the new Z83 Form, which includes a thorough CV and three references: Names and Phone Numbers a connection with a reference, In addition, applicants simply need to complete a Z83 form.

as well as a complete CV Communication from the agency’s human resources department

The number of certified documents required will be limited to those who have been shortlisted.

candidates. As a result, only those who have been shortlisted for a position will be required to interview.

send certified documents (copy of diplomas, matriculation certificates, and identification cards)

document, evidence of registration, proof of citizenship if not a citizen of the Republic of South Africa) on or before

after receiving notification from HR, on the day of the interview

Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to additional Personnel Suitability tests, and their appointment is contingent on the results of these checks.

security clearance, security vetting, and qualification checks

Verification and criminal background checks are required. Reference checks will be carried out on the candidates.

candidate nominated (s). Please keep in mind that all correspondence will be handled with

the applicants who have been narrowed down to a few. If you haven’t heard from the Department yet,

within three (3) months of the advertisement’s end date, to the Department of Health,

Please accept our apologies for the failure of your application. All candidates are thanked.

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APPLICATIONS : Applications directed to the addresses as indicated below or Hand Delivery as
indicated below:
Elliot Hospital – P.O. Box 523. Elliot, 5460 or Hand deliver to Elliot Hospital,
Maclear Road, Elliot, 5460. Enquiries: Ms NB Puza – Tel No: 045-9311321.
Liltha Nursing College (Gqeberha Campus) – Post to: Human Resource
Section, Lilitha College of Nursing, Private Bag X0028, Bisho 5605 or Hand
Deliver to: Lilitha College of Nursing, Human Resource Office East London
Room 41/42.Enquiries: Ms P Mene 043 700 9717/26.
Frere Tertiary Hospital – Post to: Human Resource Office, Frere Hospital,
Private bag X 9047, East London, 5200 or Hand deliver to: Human Resource
Office, Frere Hospital, Amalinda Main Road, East London, 5200 Enquiries: Ms
N Mthitshana Tel no: 043 709 2487/2532.
Orsmond TB Hospital – Post to: Human Resource Office, Orsmond TB
Hospital, P.O. Box 246, Uitenhage, 6320 or hand delivered to Human
Resource Office, 1 John Dissel Drive, Allanridge, Uitenhage. Enquiries: Ms C
Bekker Tel: 041-988 1111
Empilisweni Hospital – Post to: Human Resource Office, Empilisweni
Hospital, P/bag X5029, Sterkspruit, 9762 or Hand delivery: HR Office,
Empilisweni Hospital, Umlamli Road, Sterkspruit, 9762. Enquiries: Mr S.L
Bosholo – Tel no: 051 611 0037.
Maclear Hospital – Post to: Human Resource Office, Maclear Hospital, PO
Box 93, Maclear, 5480 or Hand delivery: HR Office, No 1 Fourie Street, Maclear
Hospital. Enquiries: Ms N Zuza Tel no: 045 932 1028.
Fort England Psychiatric Hospital – Post to: HR Office, Fort England
Psychiatric Hospital, Private Bag x1002, Grahamstown, 6140 or hand delivery
to: HR Office, Fort England Psychiatric Hospital, York Street, Grahamstown,

  1. Enquiries: Ms S Share Tel no 046 602 2300.
    Aberdeen Hospital – Post to: The Human Resource Office, Aberdeen
    Hospital, P.O. Box 172, Aberdeen, 6270. Or Hand deliver to: Human Resource
    Office, Aberdeen Hospital, Aberdeen. Enquiries: Mr S.M. Magxiva Tel: 049 846
    Midlands Hospital – Post to: The Human Resource Office, Midlands Hospital,
    P/ Bag X 696, Graaf-Reinet, 6280. or Hand Deliver at: Human Resource Office,
    Midlands Hospital, Graaf-Reinet. Enquiries: Ms M. Human Tel no 049 807 7739
    Margery Parkes TB Hospital – Post to: The Human Resource Office,
    Margery Parkes Hospital, P.O. Box 13, Graaff Reinet 6280. Or Hand deliver
    at: Human Resource Office, Margery Parkes Hospital, Graaf Reinet.
    Enquiries: Mr MT Buyelo Tel no 049 893 0031.

CVs). Send an email with your ID number, profile email address, and information about the event.

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