The department of health is looking for people to fill the following General Jobs, A Typist is needed at Forensic Pathology Service, University of Stellenbosch, and Cleaners are needed at Prince Albert Hospital, The salary packages are R147 459 and R104 073 yearly respectively. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time, and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess personnel will receive preference.


Basic numeracy and literacy skills are required. (Include evidence) Experience: Appropriate cleaning experience in a healthcare facility. Experience with cleaning equipment, supplies, and detergents is required. Experience with infection control and workplace health and safety. Willingness to work shifts (weekends and holidays) and to be trained and relieve people in other departments as needed (CSSD, Workshop, Laundry, Kitchen, etc.) are inherent job criteria. Physically capable of lifting and moving heavy objects and supplies. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Fluency in at least two of the Western Cape’s three official languages (read, speak, and write). Interpersonal abilities. Adherence to policy and cleaning standards, as well as knowledge of proper refuse/waste handling and disposal methods. Possessing the ability to operate machinery and equipment. Knowledge of appropriate Department of Health legislation and policies for clinical practice.


Washing, housekeeping, and maintenance (such as dusting, sweeping, polishing, scrubbing, mopping, cleaning windows/walls/equipment/machinery, and garbage removal) Plan and organize facility cleaning using available resources. Ensure that waste management, linen control, and food services are all functioning properly. Cleaning materials and equipment are used and stored effectively and efficiently. With general housekeeping duties and services, provide the best possible support to the supervisor and coworkers. In terms of norms and processes, maintaining a general hygienic and safe atmosphere.


APPLICATIONS : The District Manager: Garden Route District Office, Private Bag X6592, George, 6530.


Grade 9 plus computer skills are the minimum requirements. Experience: Appropriate Dictaphone typing experience in a medico-legal environment. No criminal record is an inherent prerequisite. Willingness to work extra hours on weekends and holidays Ability to communicate effectively in at least two of the Western Cape’s three official languages. Interpersonal and organizational abilities are important. Ability to work under duress while interpreting and applying policies. computer savvy (i.e. MS Word and Excel)


Type post-mortem reports quickly and accurately. Division of Forensic Medicine US/FPS receives effective administrative support. Effective forensic database management. Effective forensic documentation management.


APPLICATIONS : The Director: Forensic Pathology Services, U2 Building, Fransie Van Zjil Drive, Tygerberg, 7505.


When applying for this position, you do not need to pay anything. “Candidates who do not have the required qualifications will be placed in the general stream and will be obliged to attain the required qualifications within a set amount of time.” Candidates who do not meet the registration requirements are still eligible to apply. Such candidates will only be considered for employment if they submit proof of application for registration with the relevant council and proof of payment of the applicable registration costs with their job application/on appointment. This discount is only available to candidates who are registering for the first time in the post basic qualification: Medical and Surgical Nursing Science in Critical Care Nursing: Trauma and Emergency or Medical and Surgical Nursing Science in Critical Care Nursing: General.No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post

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