General Jobs: Municipality vacancies

The City of Johannesburg municipality is advertising external job openings for permanent positions with a yearly salary of R181 130.44. These positions are based onward, and applicants just need to submit one application. Opportunities are accessible in Regions A through G.

Required Documentations:

Utility account OR an official account statement as proof of address, OR a confirmation letter from the ward councilor, OR an Affidavit confirming the address

Appointment Requirements

Grade 10; 1-2 years of relevant work experience; knowledge of relevant ward and service delivery requirements; knowledge of the environment and use of maps; knowledge of safety procedures and operational safe working procedures; and knowledge of relevant tools and equipment with accurate record-keeping are all required.

Primary Function:

The purpose of this position is to assist VSD: Workforce in assisting the Supervisor in the supervision of general workers and ensuring that daily activities such as communication, education and awareness, information dissemination, ambassadors, IDP and CBP Sessions, and logistics such as questionnaires and stewarding are carried out. Identify problems with service delivery, such as urban decay. Patrols that are visible and data gathering Ensure that daily tasks such as street cleaning, litter collection, weeding, storm water desalting, sticker removal from street and road sign boards, and other related functions are completed on a daily basis. Also, to raise public awareness and provide information about service delivery issues to citizens of Johannesburg. Assist in the implementation of a strong supervisory foundation in accordance with ward-based goals. Maintain meticulous records.

Key Performance Areas:

Communication abilities, From door to door, Residents should be educated and made aware. Help with logistics, information dissemination, ambassadors, IDP and CBP sessions
Identify service delivery flaws, such as urban decay issues. Data collection and visible patrols In accordance with the legislation, the leasing by-laws, and the Service Level Agreement, as well as stipulated standards between Crum and Entities, supervise and coordinate the cleansing/collection function for street cleaning and litter picking, weeding/stormwater delisting, removing posters/stickers from street furniture and road signs, and other related functions. In the morning, make sure that all personnel are wearing the proper PPE. Through informal and formal dialogues, supervise employees. The list of tasks/duties and responsibilities in the document is not intended to be exhaustive, and the employer is free to assign additional duties or responsibilities to the employee that are reasonable within the scope of the job description or in accordance with operational needs. Variable duties should be identified and recognized in the performance compacts of employees.

Leading Competencies:

Environmental awareness and map reading Safety measures and operational safe working procedures are both known. Knowledge of essential tools and equipment, as well as processes and record keeping, is required.

Core Competencies:

Understanding of relevant wards and service delivery needs. Interpersonal \sskills. Administration and communication skills are excellent. Excellent customer service abilities.

Applicants who do not have access to DATA to apply online are urged to use the City’s free WiFi facilities, which are available at various Municipal buildings throughout the city, to access the City’s link.

visit to apply or

All applications must be done through the website using the link applicable to your Region of
residence, as follows:

  1. Region A
  2. Region B
  3. Region C
  4. Region D
  5. Region E
  6. Region F
  7. Region G

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