G4S Cash Solutions is searching for CIT drivers in POLOKWANE, SOUTH AFRICA. This is a full-time, permanent employment with salary and benefits appropriate to the role’s seniority and in accordance with the company’s remuneration policy and practice. The job posting will close on May 22, 2022.


G4S Cash Solutions (SA), a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions, is looking for a CIT driver to work at our Polokwane facilities.

The CIT Driver, who reports to the Tactical Support Officer, is in charge of protecting and handling cash, valuables, securities, and negotiable papers in transit between various places, as well as driving a vehicle in the performance of any or all of his tasks.

The successful candidate is a self-starter with a track record of adhering to company policy, implementing best practices, and exercising good judgment in the pursuit of the organization’s goals, as well as recognizing the role of facilities management in a successful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to be results-oriented and to embody the company’s values.


Maintain Vehicle standards and comply with company equipment and vehicle procedure

Receives and signs for all equipment (Firearm, holster, lanyard, ammo, identity card, and vehicle keys) from the Armory and returns it at the end of the day.
Follow the company’s uniform and protective equipment policies.
Before starting duty, conduct a vehicle audit with a vehicle checklist.
Prior to the start of duty, report small faults to the artisan and major defects to the TSO, and keep a vehicle logbook for action.
To ensure that the vehicle is ready for the next shift, refuel it before starting duty.
All technology and equipment utilized in the vehicle are the responsibility and responsibility of the driver.
The vehicle’s cleanliness is your responsibility (washed daily)
After completing the assignment, inspects the vehicle to verify there are no boxes or Stoploss. Inadvertently left behind bags or other belongings in the vehicle
Examine the vehicle for any unlawful passengers or property.

Drive vehicles responsibly and recording of accidents and incidents

Obtain the planned route trip from the planner; no deviations from the intended itinerary are permitted.
To project a professional image, drive carefully and follow all safety rules and regulations.
Responsible for ensuring that the PDP license is current and valid.
Follow all traffic laws.
All traffic incidents should be reported to the BSO.
Maintain a positive company image by behaving courteously toward any members of the public engaged in the accident or event. Make no admissions of fault, administrative negligence, or promises to get fixes completed.
In writing, the report should include all necessary details about the branch accident.
All accidents should be reported to SAP and/or the traffic department.
Follow vehicle operating guidelines to guarantee that no one else who does not have the required driver qualifications is permitted to drive the company vehicle.
In a vehicle, operate a radio.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

*Copies of the following documents, as well as a copy of your ID, must be submitted with your application:

Code 10 driver’s license with a valid PDP Grade 12 (Matric)

CIT Certificate

Grade C PSIRA Firearm Competency (SAPS 524)

Firearm Training Certificates
PFTC or SASSETA Firearm Statement of Results

Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes

Knowledge of the concepts, theories, and principles of safety, health, risk, quality, and the environment, as well as transportation legislation, rules, codes, and bylaws
G4S’s business ethics policy is something you should be aware of.
Prepare your vehicle for travel.
Operate a transportation vehicle
Inspection of the vehicle in its entirety, as well as accident and incident reports
Ability to drive the economy
Vehicle technical abilities
Operate automobiles with technology.
Getting things done
assisting and cooperating with others
Professionalism in action
Providing excellent client service

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