DPSA General Vacancies

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) is looking for persons to fill a variety of positions. The following are the general positions that are currently available: Worcester Hospital need general worker stores, Prince Albert Hospital requires laundry assistance, and Vredenburg Hospital requires porters.


Basic numeric and literacy abilities are required. The position has an inherent requirement: Physically capable of lifting and moving heavy boxes and equipment. Competencies (skills/knowledge): Good interpersonal and communication abilities. Basic SCM norms and regulations pertaining to stock control are understood. Work of exceptional quality and accuracy.


Bin Cards should be kept. It’s current. Cleaning of shelves, as well as the general store area and the yard surrounding the establishments. Stock distribution and delivery to all Worcester Hospital departments. Maintain proper shelf stock levels. Responsible for the safekeeping of all stock in the stores and on the shelves in accordance with SCM guidelines. Assist the store clerk with merchandise selecting and unpacking. When necessary, assist with the unloading of delivery vehicles. Provide efficient assistance to your boss and coworkers.


The Chief Executive Officer: Worcester Hospital, Private Bag X3058, Worcester Hospital, 6849. FOR ATTENTION: Mr RM Hill


Basic numeracy and literacy skills are required. Experience: Appropriate linen bank experience in a hospital or health facility setting. The job’s inherent criteria are as follows: Driver’s license with the Code B/EB is valid. Working knowledge of laundry machinery and equipment. When operationally necessary, willingness to work overtime, weekends, and public holidays. Willingness to be taught and relieve staff in other areas (CSSD, Workshop, Housekeeping, Kitchen, etc.) as needed. The incumbent must be able to lift big goods and spend the full day on their feet. Computer literacy will be advantageous. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ability to read, speak, and converse (verbally and in writing) in two of the Western Cape’s three official languages. Experience working in a laundry facility is a plus.


Sorting, washing, drying, prepping, folding, and ironing linen on a daily basis. Soiled or clean linen should be loaded and unloaded. Empty soiled linen bags for counting and sorting, as well as sealing and stacking clean linen bags for shipping. Assist in the preparation of chemicals and the laundering of linens. Count linens and keep statistics in the laundry facility. Pushing large linen carts between the linen bank and the hospital’s wards and departments. In the linen bank, follow and maintain general hygiene and safety guidelines. Maintain safety precautions for apparatus and equipment, and report any broken items. Assist new staff with informal in-service training. Both at the laundry and in the hospital, stock control is essential.

APPLICATIONS LAUNDRY AID : The District Manager: Garden Route District Office, Private Bag X6592, George, 6530.


Minimum educational requirements: Basic reading, writing, and numerical skills are required. Experience: Appropriate portering experience is required. The job’s inherent criteria are as follows: Willingness to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Must be able to work on call at all times, including weekends and holidays. You must be sober and physically capable of lifting patients and heavy equipment. Physically capable of standing for long periods of time. It’s necessary to be ready to deal with dead bodies (corpses). Competencies (knowledge/skills): Able to converse in at least two of the Western Cape’s three official languages. Interpersonal and communication abilities are excellent. Methods of infection prevention are well-understood. Ability to operate alone, under duress, unsupervised, and in a group setting.


Patient handling and transportation that is both efficient and safe. Assist in the loading and unloading of patients from ambulances and vans. Assist nursing staff in transferring patients from beds to trolleys and back. Manage Mortuary Services effectively and efficiently, including transporting corpses from wards to the mortuary and entering details in a mortuary register. Control equipment efficiently and effectively, and notify the supervisor of any faults in trolleys or wheelchairs. An HR department that is well-supported.

APPLICATIONS FOR POETER: The Manager: Medical Services, Vredenburg Hospital: Private Bag X3, Vredenburg, 7380.

All of these Department of Public Service and Administration Vacancies will close on June 30, 2022.

NOTE: No payment of any type is necessary when applying for Department of Public Service and Administration Vacancies.