SA Air Force College


SALARY : R102 534 per annum (Level 02

) CENTRE : SA Air Force College, Pretoria.

REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 10 or ABET Level 1 – 4. Special requirements (Skills needed): Ability to communicate effectively (verbal) in English. Must be physically healthy.

DUTIES : Perform cleaning related duties in offices and other facilities as determined by Supervisor (i.e. sweeping, vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting, polishing furniture and floors). Clean ablution facilities. Report any defects in the work place to immediate supervisor.

ENQUIRIES : Maj N.J. Vena Tel No: (012) 351 5054, Capt M.L. DU Plessis Tel No: (012) 351 5172

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, SAAF College, Private Bag X1008, Tha