Bursaries that are open all year all

Below you will find a link to each bursary with further information such as: eligibility requirements, details on how to apply, application forms where available or details on how to obtain an application form, supporting documents required, closing dates and contact details of the bursary holder if you have any further queries. NOTE THAT THIS BURSRIES HAVE NO CLOSING DATE BUT YOU ARE ADVICED TO APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

And here are a list of bursaries that are open year round (no closing date)

 Bursaries are available for South African students all year round. This bursaries include both private an government sector companies helping to make students life easier. We have grouped the available bursaries for by bursary categories and by institutions. These means you can search for a bursary by its category or by the institution’s name. If you want available bursaries for as a law student, all you need to do is search the term “available bursaries for law ”. In case you want bursary for law but from a particular school, you can search for the “available bursaries for e.g unisa” assuming you want to offer law at Unisa. We have bursaries available for accounting, law, economics, social work, health or medically related programs, vocational programs etc.