Old Mutual Bursaries

Old Mutual is one of the leading financial companies in South Africa and strives to promote social as well as academic talent of South Africa.  They offer not only stability to the countries economics but also bursaries for students who would like to develop their talents in the financial industry.  This is not all they have to give as they go the extra mile by sponsoring a range of social development activities that endorse harmony and growth.

Old Mutual Bursaries

Old Mutual offers bursaries that mainly focus on the financial side of the business industry.
Do you love working with numbers and find that you are motivated as well as dedicated to assisting the growth of South Africa?  If communications are your second nature and challenges gets you excited then you would be a perfect fit at Old Mutual.  Do you know what makes you stand out from the crowd?  If you want to rise and become a top earner Old Mutual might just have what you are looking for.  Old Mutual offers Young South Africa pupils the opportunity to study as well as gain a solid career after completion of their studies.

Old Mutual Bursaries Available

They offer two kinds of bursaries to students who would be interested in further studies.
Actuarial Science Bursaries
This bursary includes the following for students who receives them:

  • Full tuition at either UCT or Stellenbosch University
  • Full board and lodging fees including meals
  • Pocket money
  • Book allowance
  • Academic support for students
  • Emotional support for students
  • From your second year, you qualify for work during vacation periods
  • Allowance for travel where it is applicable
  • If you perform greatly you will receive incentives

You will also have the following benefits after successful completion of your studies:

  • Employment after studies has been completed
  • Tutoring is given one-on-one by a highly qualified actuary
  • A rotation program that is in-house to aid development in all areas professionally
  • The opportunity to work with leading experts in the industry and explore all fields to help build South Africa’s impending financial growth.

Accounting Bursaries
This bursary includes the following for students who receives them:

  • Full tuition cost at UCT Cape Town
  • Housing fees
  • Work during vacation time
  • Allowance for books
  • Allowance for pocket money
  • A return flight if Cape Town is not your hometown

Old Mutual Bursaries Requirements

Actuarial Science Bursary
To qualify for this bursary through Old Mutual you need to have the following:

  • Matric
  • Mathematics with A-plus results
  • All other subjects must either have an A or B symbol

Accounting Bursary
To qualify for this bursary through Old Mutual you need to have the following:

  • Matric
  • English on level 6 (70%) or higher
  • Mathematics on level 6 (70%) or higher and this is not for Mathematics Literacy
  • Commitment to their CA TRAINING PROGRAM

You will also be required to work for Old Mutual for a specific time frame after completion of your studies and training.

Old Mutual Bursaries Application

To apply for these bursaries you also need the following:

  • South African citizen by birth or descent
  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copy of Matric results

Inclination will be given to African, Indian, Chinese and Colored South African learners. For information about the
Bursaries you can search for them online
Actuarial Bursary
Accounts Bursary
Educational Trust Scholarship Bursary
Old Mutual Graduate Programs
Only the candidate that gets placed on the short list will be interviewed.  If you have not heard from Old Mutual after a period of three to four months from the closing date it falls upon you to contact them for information about your application.
You can call +27 (0) 21 504 7285 or call on +27 (0) 21 509 2656

Old Mutual Bursaries Closing Date

The closing date for these bursaries are both 30th May each year but it is highly recommended that you get your completed bursary form to them as soon as you can with all the needed documentation.

Please be sure to read through all the fields and questions on the application forms before you complete them!  Some fields might need to be completed by your school principal!  With your completed form and documents it would be to your advantage to add an essay and biography to give more information about yourself and your goals for the future as well as why you should be eligible for receiving the bursary.